Bro. Steven Jaggard

Lighthouse Christian School Principal

I was born in Dover, Delaware, and lived nearby in Chestertown, Maryland for the first three years of my life. At the age of three, my father passed away, and my mom moved my brother and I to Cleveland, Ohio, where most of her family lived. I grew up under some tremendous preaching from my uncle and Pastor of the Cleveland Baptist Church, Kevin Folger. At the age of five, I told my mom that I wanted to be saved, and she led me to the Lord.

I grew in the Lord tremendously all through elementary school. When I was seven, at a youth camp in Mansfield, Ohio, I surrendered my life to whatever God wanted me to do. I continued to grow at Heritage Christian School where I attended, and my mom was a high school English teacher.

As I approached my Senior year of high school, I knew that I needed to know what God wanted me to do with my life. Up until this point, I never really had a truly personal relationship with God. I knew a lot about God, and I knew that He saved me, but I never spent any time with Him. Like many Christians, I treated Him more like a magical genie than the Creator and Savior of the world. It was during my Senior year that I developed a real relationship with God, and it has completely changed my life.

At this point, I had already decided that I would go to a Christian college, but I wanted to be involved in law enforcement. God, however, had different plans. I had talked to my Mom some about being a teacher, but I could never quite settle on it. Finally, near the end of my Senior year, I decided to pursue a degree in education. I went to visit a well-known Christian college, but the whole time, I knew it was not what God wanted. Despite these feelings, I proceeded to apply and be accepted at the college. I was all set and ready to go when an old friend of my mom’s who worked at West Coast Baptist College (WCBC) called her and told her that I should come out and visit. I reluctantly agreed, and we went out to visit. By the end of the trip, I knew that this was the place where God wanted me. I stopped fighting and gave into God’s plans.

Upon being accepted to WCBC, I packed up my belongings and made the 3,000 mile drive across the country to Lancaster, California. During my years of schooling, I matured a lot, and at the end of my Freshman year, I met a beautiful girl from York, Pennsylvania named Hannah. We continued to date for two more years and were engaged between our Junior and Senior year of college. We both finished our degrees in Elementary Education and I once again packed up my belongings and drove across the country to York, Pennsylvania to work at the Lighthouse Baptist Church as the Lighthouse Christian School Principal. Hannah and I were married on May 31, 2014, and I began work in the middle of June.

I am so excited to be working here at Lighthouse Baptist Church. My life verse is Isaiah 40:31 which reads, “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” I know that as long as I am waiting on God and staying faithful to Him, he will give me the strength to continue.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. May God bless you. If you are interested in Lighthouse Christian School, please visit our website, call us at (717)292-5000, or fill out the short form below.

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