Pastor Brandon Gaskill

Outreach Pastor

On December 30th, 1987, I was born in York, Pennsylvania.  From the time I was a baby until I turned 13 years of age, my family and I went to a United Methodist church in town.  After my grandparents moved 20 minutes away and started attending a church near their home, my family slowly stopped attending church altogether.

By this time I was a sophomore in High School. I had also met a girl in my Biology class that attended Lighthouse Baptist Church, and she invited me to attend her church, so I went with her and her family.  After going to church with her for a few months, she asked me if I knew for sure I was going to Heaven when I died.  Being caught off guard with that question, I, out of pride, told her that I did know, even though in my heart I had no idea.

Through hearing preaching from the Bible, the Lord working on my heart, and, no doubt, the prayers of others, I finally realized I was a sinner in need of a Saviour.  One Sunday night after church I went home and couldn’t get it off my mind that I needed to be saved.  This lead me to call her on the phone that night to tell her I knew I was going to Hell if I died and that I wasn’t saved.  That night, in my room on the phone with that teenage girl, I bowed my head and asked the Lord to save me from my sin and give me a home in Heaven.  As a 16 year old teenager in June of 2004, I now knew I’d be in Heaven when I die.  From that day forward my desires started to change.

Upon graduating from High School, I attended Yorktowne Business Institute for Culinary Arts.  It was during this time that God softened my heart towards ministry and called me to serve Him. In the Fall of 2009,through many circumstances, God led me to go to West Coast Baptist College (WCBC) in Lancaster, California. During college God gave me a burden for church planting.

Four years later in 2013, I graduated from WCBC with a degree in Bible and Missions.  Upon graduation, the Lord brought me back to my home church where I got saved to serve as the Bus Director. In 2014, I began dating Pastor Walsh’s daughter, Esther, and in May of 2015, we were married.

It is such a blessing to serve the Lord at Lighthouse Baptist Church and specifically the bus families of our community.  I’m praying that the Lord blesses and guides you and your family. If there are any questions about our bus transportation feel free to call the church or contact me via the form below.

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