Pastor Charles Meyer

Assistant Pastor

My wife, Amy, and I met at Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California. I grew up in the pacific northwest and saved at the age of four. Amy grew up in Florida and saved at the age of nine while riding a bus to church.

We both attended West Coast Baptist College. I graduated with a degree in Bible with a concentration in Evangelism. While in college I began working on staff at Lancaster Baptist Church and continued after graduation. Amy graduated with a degree in Bible and Church Ministries. Upon Graduation Amy served in a church in Central California as a church secretary where she also led the Ladies Ministry. In 2009, God led her back to West Coast Baptist College to obtain her master’s degree in Education. Shortly thereafter Amy and I met through the singles ministry and were married in 2014.

At Lancaster Baptist Church as a married couple we worked with the young couples and the children’s ministry. Our three children; Bella, Hunter, and Samuel were born in Lancaster, CA. June 1, 2019, when Samuel was two weeks old, we moved from Lancaster, California to Dover, Pennsylvania where I serve as the Couple’s Pastor and work in the Children’s Ministry. We are so thankful the Lord brought us to this wonderful church where He is doing great things.

Our couples class meets at 9:30 every Sunday morning. This is a great time to grab a cup of coffee, meet and fellowship with those that are in the same stage of life, and enjoy a practical Bible lesson that is helpful and relevant in the world we live today. Nursery and classes are available for all ages. We would love to have you and your family join us and see the wonderful things God can do in your life.